Why would you hire a professional when your Uncle Joe could just record your wedding???

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Every bride has thought it... Every mother suggests it... Most grooms agree with it...

"Lets just have Uncle Joe videotape the wedding, we don't need a professional videographer"

Oh uncle Joe....

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Truth is, while this may seem like a very quick budget saving idea, it almost ALWAYS turns into a disappointment. You saved some money, so you were able to get those extra flowers, that giant Jenga game for the reception, more props for your Aunt Jane's photo booth, etc.. Awesome. BUT...

After the wedding its all gone.

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The flowers die, Jenga pieces are missing and you get tired of having a loose box of giant blocks in the garage.It all just fades away or you try your hardest to post it all for sale on the Wedding swap and shop... Let's face it, All you really have left from the wedding is your Husband, your dress, your beautiful photos and Uncle Joe's videotape.

"Honey, Lets watch the video!"

Oh wait, you dont have a VCR!!!.

wedding videographer kansas city

Haha, Okay, maybe a little much. Im sure Uncle Joe is digital by now but there are still many many reason why one should invest in a professional wedding videographer who can put together a visually stunning story of your day. Its what you deserve.

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I recently was asked this by a bride to be:

"We're still contemplating the necessity of a quality video vs. budget - I would love to hear some reasons why quality is better, please help."

While Im sure many reading this already have their reasons for either or, I thought I would post my 3 quick response to the bride. Hopefully It might influence you to contact your local wedding videographer and make the wise decision.

Audio. Many budget videos have incredibly poor audio, just using whats built into whatever budget camera they are using. We will mic your groom and will mic your officiant. So your ceremony will be crisp and clear and so your vows will be able to be passed on to your children's children.

Image. Many budget videos will be shot on well budget equipment with built in lenses and little control of skill in exposuring the proper image. We will shoot your film in 4K Ultra HD with a array of different top notch lenses that are designed for capture the image artistically. Pretty colors, beautiful lighting. The wedding memories you deserve.

Presentation. You will appreciate your wedding day being captured and presented with quality and class. Just like the rest of your wedding day you will want your video to best represent your style and character. Cinematic quality wedding videos just help extenuate all the beauty of the day.

Lees summit missouri wedding videgrapher

The quality just makes a difference.

So.... If you gain anything out of reading this, hopefully its to pass on the Jenga. Hire a professional wedding Videographer! Your kids kids will be admiring these visual memories forever.


Photos courtesy of Laced Photography & Design

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