A very special day for two very special people. (Wedding video)

When Kellie first contacted us, she asked if we were available to produce a wedding video for the month of November... She only wanted to know our general availability because she honestly wasn't able to set a date for her wedding.

Dakota, her groom, was stationed overseas and they could not pin point when he would be home, So, they just said a Sunday in "November"... Luckily we were able to move some stuff around and fulfill that request and we are so glad we did.

The day was filled with so many memories captured. Two huge families from different parts of the country converging at the Weathered Wisdom Barn in Preston MO, to help witness the unity of two very special people.

Kellie wore her grandmothers wedding dress! pulled from the closet and taken to the cleaners, it was like brand new. Wait till you see grandpas reaction to seeing our beautiful bride in that dress.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Shoemaker, thank you for choosing our family to capture this incredible day for you!

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