Louisa + Mason - Kansas City Wedding (VIDEO)

When Lousia and Mason contacted Move Weddings to do the videography for their wedding I was pretty excited. For starters, I was happy to finally be able to film at the Loose Mansion in Kansas City Missouri. But also because of how excited Lousia came across when they contacted me. She just seemed so genuinely happy to be getting married and to be having a wedding and that is always such a breath of fresh air for those that are held with the responsibility of capturing it all. I could tell right away that these two were head over heels in love.

Wedding videographer Kansas City - The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

"Our wedding is in Kansas City -would you be able to travel that far?" - Louisa

Um... yes, absolutely, for sure, I love shooting in KC! Especially in September, couldn't ask for a better time of the year for a wedding.

When we arrived the day was instantly emotional. We started by filming all the hair/make-up prep at the beautiful / historic Raphael Hotel . There, in one room, the ladies were getting their hair curled and their wedding day make-up applied. I could barely hear over all the laughter and happy sobbing. In another room. Beers clanked in toast as the guys watched the game and Mason wrote the vows he would later recite. Moments like these just make my job so much fun.

Wedding videographer Kansas City Missouri

We then head to the site of their wedding ceremony - Old Mission United Methodist Church in Fairway KS. There the groom got into his tuxedo and the bride in her dress. Surrounded by her bridesmaids and mother, tears, laughs and gorgeous lighting throughout. Again, any wedding videographers dream conditions.

Kansas Wedding video - Old Mission United Methodist Church

Her dress was incredible, simple, elegant and fit her perfectly.

wedding video missouri - Old Mission United Methodist Church

Louisa decided to have first looks with both her father and her step father. As both a father and a step father I respect this so much! She did however decide to wait until the ceremony to see her groom.

Old Mission United Methodist Church - Missouri wedding video

The ceremony was short and sweet, with Lousia exchanging their own witty yet meaningful vows. Louisa could barely contain her joy. Smiling and whimpering the whole while.

Old Mission United Methodist Church - Missouri Wedding videographer

"Louisa.. you may know kiss your groom"

Missouri wedding planner - Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art for bridal photos

A short trip over to Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art for bridal photos and we were off to the Mansion to start the party.

Kansas City Wedding videographer - Loose Mansion Grand Entrance

Again, this was my first visit and Loose Mansion definitely lived up to the hype. The place is just gorgeous, from the hand-carved mahogany woodwork, huge fireplaces, large glittering chandeliers and murals though out showcasing the property's history. Perfect location for this couple.

What a day - What a couple. But most importantly, what a smile! I was so honored to be able to capture this day on video. Watch the Wedding video above and you will know what I mean when I ask, How do you know what true love looks like?

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